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Plan: Restoring a Nissan Maxima - Your thoughts needed.

Started by rt140se, March 20, 2012, 09:10:41 PM

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Here's the low down:

*Not running for around 5 years now (maybe more)
*Needs replacement of all 4 alloy wheels due to warp and perhaps the tires will need replacing by now.
*Paint and body is in bad shape
*Engine - unknown state and is a gas guzzler
*Registration - Unknown
*Shifter linkage bushes - worn out
*All four doors does not close tightly.


*Complete body panels except for the lower front grille.


Parts won't be that easy. Is there any sentimental value hence the restoration plan?


Quote from: Brent on March 20, 2012, 11:24:22 PM
Parts won't be that easy. Is there any sentimental value hence the restoration plan?
more on parang sayang lang kse brent. what's holding me back is the penalty for overdue registration bills. iba kse ang rate pag full-sized sedans.


How much will you be willing to spend to restore the car? That's gonna be the next question. Parang mas sayang kasi yun pera pang restore ng Maxima.

Leo C.

Maxima, one of my favorite cars before.
Wheels and tires: easy to replace. My choices are Ewing or Vega  :thumbsup:
If there's minimal rust, a good car shop can do the job.
Shifter linkage bushes, I think can be custom made if parts are not available.
Doors might just need to be adjusted and aligned.
Registration..well, if there's sentimental value, the money is no object.
Engine: This will be the first thing to inspect. Try paandarin and see if it's still usable. I know it's a gas guzzler but you can use it on some weekends or other occasions only and not as a daily car.  Once restored, I think this car will be a real head turner on the road. No tint and white seat covers ;) The important things are the complete trimmings in good condition, clean emblems, no cracks on tail lights, clean headlights, clean grills, clean glass. Good luck!


@brent: a rough estimate for the registration, bodywork and all needed mechanical parts might be at a 6-figure cost na.

@vivo: indeed. this car somewhat set the trend back in the days. in the uk, it even started a power and tuning trend for the locals. in my case, this is what i have in mind:

wheels/tires - OEM nissan skyline sedan - saw a couple of these sa blumentritt noon. tires would be the usual 205x50 r15.
shifter linkage - got the part numbers handy. i just hope my contact in the nissan plant/parts storage is still there. but yes, custom will always be an option if plan A fails.
engine - i'm really not expecting much from the original one since the last issue we encountered was the infamous butterfly shaft slack problem... hence, sr20de or det siguro... but this will balloon the cost of the project about 2 folds.

i wonder if there's anyone needing a donor maxima for parts... i'll gladly sell this to that person for a reasonable price. sulit naman kse if ever dahil nga all trims are complete. interiors has no missing components and mine's the cream interior pa.

Leo C.

Parts car? pwede. Maybe you can advertise it in the papers or the net.

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