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2012 F1 Season

Started by Brent, April 08, 2012, 08:47:12 PM

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From the qualifying results, Alonso sure has to work really hard to win.


It's a big mountain to climb for alonso. Mclaren is looking to dominate the race. Alonso's hope is to have a very chaotic and rainy weather to shuffle the position and take chances.

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Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel! Youngest F1 Triple World Champion!!!!!  :cheer: :wav: :notworthy:


Exciting would be an understatement for the race.

Much congratulations for Vettel indeed. Too bad Alonso struggled with the pace. Still put up a good fight to end his season with a podium finish. Massa played good supporting role and got a podium as well in 3rd. Most disappointing for Hulkenberg who got too aggressive and threw away his chance at the podium. But very good driving from him.

Glad I stayed up for the 2012 season finale. Until next year F1!


kudos to the iceman. very well-played.

sorry for being an underdog supporter.


The duel between Schumi and Kimi brought back the Schumi Mika duels of the past. Galing! Good action all throughout the field actually. It was a really good race.

Kobayashi put in a very good show as usual. Hope he gets picked up by a good team next year.


Fascinating race. One of the few I'm glad I didn't have live timing on for, because I would have missed much of the action.

Kobayashi indeed deserves a drive next year. And the Schumi-Kimi duel was lovely to watch.

But I'm rather pissed at the stewards for the decision on Hulkenberg. Yes, he took out Lewis, but not on purpose and not by being reckless... the rear end of the car simply stepped out due to the treacherous condition of the track. I know they need to discourage reckless driving, but that was definitely a racing incident. Nico was having a wonderful race, and I'm sad he missed out on his first ever podium and possible win.

Also kinda sad to see the championship decided by who had the better Santa's Helpers... with the Torro Rossos, Webber and Schumacher moving aside for Vettel and Massa bouncing up and down the field to lead, block and sheperd Alonso along. Still... fantastically fun race. Shame it had to end on a yellow.


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