achilles atr sport, great bang for buck, does it last long?

Started by mikelmdcccxi, April 25, 2012, 10:55:32 AM

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hi guys,
recently, i bought achilles atr sport (205/45/r16), i bought this because i have no other options than this, my first options was bridgestone adrenalin re002, yokohama and goodyear eagle, but unfortunately, no stocks here in lipa  my so i opted to achilles kasi maganda naman ang review nya, mura pa (3.5k each), and mukhang totoo nga yung review, makapit sya, pero tatagal kaya to mga sir?, anyone tried how long it lasted on your car?
70kms. pa lang ang natatakbo ko with this tires, so far, so good, tahimik pa.




Wow ang taas! Matagal tagal bago maubos yan. Just make sure you always use the correct tire pressure.


Yup Sir, ang taas ng treadwear nya, made in Indonesia sya siguro tatagal to kasi halos parehas ang klima dun at dito sa pinas, nag-try ako kanina humataw sa S-Curve kahit break-in period pa ng tire, (di ko alam kung uso pa break-in period sa tires) ang ganda ng kapit nya, hindi ko inexpect na ganun kakapit.. :surprised:
sana lang di magbago yung performance at yung tahimik as it wears, naninibago lang ako sa pakiramdam, hindi masyadong ramdam yung road imperfections, comfortable yung ride compare dun sa pinalitan ko na potenza 195/50/16 eh expected ko mas ramdam ang konting lubak ngayun kasi 205/45/16, yung sidewall kaya yun sir?, pero ang sarap sa pakiramdam, di naman ganung ka-komportable pero ang laki ng difference dun sa pinalitan ko.


Update mga brad at 1500+kms. I'm really satisfied, makapit pa rin dry and wet, at tahimik pa din til now..  :banana:


I just want to put in my 2cents with these tires and would like to give my opinion when credit is due. I use these tires for daily driving so take this review with a grain of salt. The tires that I have are 225/40/18, 400 treadwear and have driven on them for a few months and about 5000miles now. Before I bought them I had some Federal SS595, 240 treadwear and would like to compare it to the Federals when it was brand new. With that said, I want to review these tires generally for a daily driver and not for the track.

Dry traction and braking are really good and would give it a 4/5. I've done some spirited driving and cornering on dry pavement and really like them. Braking is very composed and would stop the car without breaking traction. Comparing to the Federal when new I would give a little bit of an edge to the Federal tires as they feel to be more sticky.

Wet braking and traction are very important to me because it barely rains here and when it does, the roads get really slick. I would rate these tires a 3.5/5. These tires don't lose that much traction accelerating from a stop and the car will go to wherever you point it at. Braking feels very safe and haven't really had the chance to actually brake that hard to lose traction. The Federal and Achilles are probably right next to each other in terms of wet traction.

Noise and treadwear. I do a lot of driving and would like my tires to last a long time and for it to be quiet especially since I'm running 40s on my car. I rate these tires 5/5. Some people have noted these tires to be loud at first but I haven't really experienced that. Only time will tell how long these tires will last but I'm expecting it to last way longer than the Federal tires. Following proper tire pressures, tire rotation and what not. I think these tires will last me forever and that's what Im looking forward to.

IMO, if you're looking for a cheap set of tires for daily, then these tires are for you. If laptimes are concerned, I probably would look somewhere else.

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