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Marlon Stockinger wins GP3 race in Monaco

Started by Brent, May 27, 2012, 10:54:15 AM

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This is perhaps the best news for Philippine motorsports in this century so far. A very big win for Marlon Stockinger in GP3 at Monaco following a podium finish last race weekend. I think this win at a very difficult track will surely get the attention of bigger teams in higher levels of motorsports.

The Philippine flag and anthem hasn't seem much action in International motorsport podiums in the past years. Hope other local talents get inspired by this.


Wonderful news indeed!  :applause: :notworthy: :wav:

would a replay of the GP3 race at Monaco be aired on locally available sports cable channels like Star Sports or ESPN?


I did see it posted on tpb. So you can get it from there I guess...


Just finished watching the race, it was cut short pala by a red flag on the 15th lap brought about by a serious accident. Good thing Conor Daly was not hurt by the airtime he made running into Dmitry Suranovich who did a dangerous maneuver. Good thing the stewards penalized Suranovich by excluding him from the results.

Masterful drive by Stockinger defending against Carlin's Da Costa who put on the pressure for the whole race.

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here's another vid

it's so cool to hear the national anthem in monaco. IN MONACO! woot!


Quote from: Paul on May 29, 2012, 03:53:41 PM
here's another vid

it's so cool to hear the national anthem in monaco. IN MONACO! woot!

I agree! our national anthem has got to be one of the most triumphant-sounding anthems in the world!  :wav:



Hope he can make it in f1.:D

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Let's all hope and pray he does well in for the rest of the GP3 season this year and a team picks him up to run GP2 with them next year.

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