Looking for a good 2006 Rav4

Started by sparc179, June 15, 2012, 08:05:25 PM

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Greetings Rav 4 Gen. 3 owners! A good friend of mine needs your help badly.

He is looking to buy a second hand Gen3, 2006 model.

So far, they found 3 units within their budget. Plate numbers below;

ZDB-153 , ZCR-599, ZCT-430.

We already texted 2600 for the LTO info and only the ZCR-599 did not come out with anything, the other 2 units don't have any alerts or apprehensions pending.

If any of you know the history of any of these units, we hope you can share it here.

In behalf of my friend (actually my distant cousin) a million thanks in advance.

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