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2012 avanza j sound deadening

Started by donie007, July 01, 2012, 01:40:49 AM

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mga bros, newbie car owner here. i just purchased a new avanza j, i am starting to set my audio up but i am having problem with outside noises. i am planning to install sound deadeners.  any recommendation how much deadeners should be intalled? any reputable shop who offers the service? how much would it cost?


same here...newbie owner of Ford Fiesta S, kaya tumatambay dito para makakuha ng ibang tips or ideas sa mga gurus :)


Ipagawa mo nalang din dun sa magkakabit ng sound setup mo para isang baklas nalang. I've heard that it's not that cheap and will make your car a little heavier.
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What particular outside noises are you trying to remove? If its from the doors and windows, nothing much you can do.


tunog ng ulan, motor at salita ng tao..


Di kaya ng sound deadening yan. You need a higher end car kung ayaw mo marinig mga tunog na yan.


Tama kasi ung sa sa civic ko kahit naka deaden na ehh maingay parin ang tunog ng tricycle ..


or you can try na ipa sealant mo ilalim.. Nakabasa ako ng thread dati na pwede daw un ehh


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