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Valvoline NextGen 10W40

Started by Egan101, July 12, 2012, 10:08:19 AM

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Newbie here but a long time lurker  ;D

I was at Ace-SM Makati two weeks ago when I came across the new product of Valvoline - Nextgen 10W40 semi-synthetic oil. Valvoline boosts that it is a greener product since its base oil is derived from recycled oil. The 5.1 Quart (4.8L) container costs P1200 plus a free shirt.

Anybody tried this product? It has been released in the US and Canada for some time already and has been discussed Bob-Is-The-Oil-Guy site numerous times.


gonna be changing oil soon and i just bought a 5.1quart jug of that product...i'll post any updates, if any...

i think it should work well...  O0
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Thats the green big jug right? It got good reviews from the oil forum (BITOG - us based). Its composition / base is unidentified, they suspect its a combination of group 2,3,4 motor oils.

Not bad for its price. Let us know how it does.


I have run more than 4k kilometers already with the product and no problems so far. I am going to buy another big bottle for my next oil change.

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