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114 to 100

Started by jabing02, August 31, 2012, 03:46:19 PM

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Hi. May question lang po ako.  I'm planning to change my current mags, ConceptOne 4 holes pcd114 195 15 55 to Rota Rb 4 holes pcd100 205 17 45.  Are spacers/adaptors safe?  Also, I'm thinking na kung 10mm or 20mm ang ilalagay na spacer/adaptor, ganun din ang ilalabas ng wheels, tama po ba?  As of now, sa 15 na wheels na nakalagay, pantay na pantay na siya sa fender, so kung ilalagay yung 17 na wheels, lalabas pa siya lalo depending on the thickness of the spacer/adaptor.  Hindi po kaya masyadong pangit kung nakalabas yung tires?  Car is a 1991 Nissan Bluebird.  Sayang naman kasi bigay lang yung 17 na mags...Thanks in advance


If you get proper hub converter spacers, no problem naman. Don't make your own locally because usually they're rinky dink jobs and will cause more harm than good.


it will not be a perfect fit to your wheel hub's stud that is at PCD114

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