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RMS power

Started by eyds, September 26, 2012, 04:17:47 AM

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Hello po mga gurus, newbie here. Papatulong po sana sa mga techy out there and this could also be a learning material to those newbies like me.

I have a Boss CX800 4 channel MOSFET amp and it says in the manual

RMS POWER at 4 ohms = 150W x 4
MAX POWER at 2 ohms = 400W x 4
BRIDGED POWER at 4 ohms = 800W x 2

Ano po kaya ang rms power nung bridged power? I believe po yung 800W is in peak tama po ba? Para po sana maiset ko ng maigi yung gain without burning my voice coil.

I wish to drive a factory made JBL  GT51204BP which is a 4ohm spkr. P

I would appreciate your help po lalo na po yung mga gurus natin jan.

thanks in advance po

Leo C.

As per research, medyo mali yung specs sa manual nya. Hindi talaga sya 150 x 4, mga nasa 50 - 60 x 4 lang yan based sa design ng circuit sa loob.. Yung bridged nya nasa 150 lang. Pwede na yun pang drive ng speaker mo as long as 4 ohms sa bridged.


from the web, the JBL has a max power handling of 1100W. That is 300W above the Bridged Power output of your amp.


Oh Sh!t I'm Late Again!!!

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