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Rota Aleica - Your thoughts please...

Started by rt140se, December 14, 2012, 12:18:33 PM

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I'm looking into acquiring the set. Although the sizes and offsets are an absolute issue to my car, the design is not.

Rota makes them; but for some reason, the local retailer have no idea about it. Export model as per what i've heard so its not for sale locally... :protest: :bs:

@brent: we have hookups inside rota, right? perhaps we can have a sneak-peek of a more friendly specs that will fit our cars?


We'll have the updated Rota site up soon. Just working on the tons of specs of their many wheels.


The PAWI Sales Representative promised to return my call but she never did.
She failed me on my recent purchased of Fighter 8 and it appears that she keep on forgetting/ dodging things.

It's Christmas rush. Apology for failing to chase her on this inquiry. We'll try to look for somebody else.

Oh Sh!t I'm Late Again!!!


@brent: noted, will wait for your update. Thanks!

@tito dan: thanks for all the effort, its deeply appreciated.

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