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Sound setup for Galant GTi

Started by DisturbingThePeace, December 25, 2012, 06:26:09 AM

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First timer in sound setup needs advise and suggestions.

-just bought 2nd hand subs for 2500 pesos, 2pieces 10inch Targa x100 vdc installed in one box (speakers are installed facing inside part of the box so magnetic parts are outside of the box, i dont know why)
-stock front speakers
-no rear speakers
-will be using a friends AMP for the meantime (not yet sure of the brand or specs)
-im planning to buy Pioneer MVH 155UI H.U. 3500 pesos and wiring kit ryan audio 1700 pesos

any feedback on Pioneer MVH 155UI and for starters do i have the basic equipments to at least have a boom boom setup so far? thanks  :occasion14:


The HU looks pretty decent on paper. It comes with RCA pre-outs to hook up your amp to. Not a bad way to start I guess if you're on a budget. If you can get front speakers already, I'd suggest that para isang gawaan nalang. Easier to add rear speakers next time. Just have the head unit ready wired for rear speakers. HU is 50x4 mosfet already so that can pretty much power the rears well.

4ch-amp for the fronts and the subs and you're good to go.


salamat boss. someone advised me to get higher model or high end of pioneer or alpine something with 3 RCA out. invest in good HU daw kung magsisimula sa sound setup. napa isip tuloy ako kasi yun plano ko bilhin worth 3,500 pesos lang.

what can you say about that? is it a requirement na high end or highest model or pwede naman yun gusto ko at least usb and aux in na thanks


Really depends on your budget. If you can spend more for an HU edi go for one.

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