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New Series for Philippines ?

Started by Super T12 Racing, January 14, 2013, 12:53:22 PM

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Super T12 Racing

We are a New Zealand based company looking to bring a NEW Circuit Race Series to Asia ....and that includes the Philippines
Right now we are looking for a local Philippine partner to work with us as we provide an "Arrive and Drive" package for Racers - Storage, Transport to and from Track, Maintenance, Fuel, Oil, Tires.
We launch in NZ late this month, then Thailand and Malaysia Singapore mid year, then Philippines, Indonesia and India - drivers will be able race in all countries without the need to transport cars...all you need is a plane ticket and local race license or FIA license
The cars are all identical with the exception of graphics and are hatch based saloon cars. Eg : Suzuki Swift, Mazda 2 , Hyundai i30, Toyota Yaris, Honda Brio, etc
Cars weigh 590kgs, 160 RW Hp mid mounted engines with 6 speed sequential and LS differential. 17" DOT radial track day tires, Double adjustable shocks, adjustable wing, front sway bar and brake bias ...everything else is fixed making it driver skill based vs cheque book racing. We have full data logging on board with GPS position on track, brake activation etc with video overlay. THEY LOOK AND SOUND AS GOOOD AS THEY GO !!! ...Awesome !!!
Check us out below:
Face book:
Email : [email protected]

Regards, Richard Fleming


Seems like a promising new series.

Richard Fleming as in the MD of Goodyear Asean?



This sure prove to be interesting to check :D

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