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Rims for hyundai i10

Started by flukerecords, January 15, 2013, 11:25:09 PM

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Hi guys,

Any recommendations for rims for hyundai i10

Budget around 15k. Lady driven car :)

Suggestions highly appreciated


Just to be clear, your budget is for rims only right? Stock size is 13-inches. I guess maximum you can go is 14-inches to make sure the i10 is still fuel efficient.


Yes sir. Just for rims. 14 sana.

Any reco where to get and which design looks good on a silver, lady driven, i10?


I guess you'd have to check out Rota dealers or the Concept One showroom. Hard to recommend as 14-inch wheels are usually not in stock due to low demand.

BTW, What does lady driven have to do with wheel design?

Is the first photo you posted your design in mind? If so, it seems that it would look good on the i10.

Leo C.

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks Brent!

I guess what we are aiming for is for the car to look more feminine, than masculine. Hence, the info bout it being lady driven.

Some mags kasi, make the car looks more manly

Thanks again


Mga sir,

Would this be ok

SIZE 13 PCD 100

Jay Leno

only way to know is to try it on. at least you keep the stock size.


Thanks for all the input, everyone.

Suggestions still welcome.

Leo C.

No pun intended but I've seen lady owned cars with these types of wheels...

Very feminine...........


Leo C.

and masculine.... :dontknow:

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