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17s for innova?

Started by falken205, February 15, 2013, 10:52:47 AM

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im thinking of replacing the dirty stock mags of the innova Gas G that i just bought.
i have always wanted to have some cool set of mags/tires on my car but had been hesitant with the additional cost it will entail (expensive tires, more gas consumption, etc). that's why i have kept all my previous cars in stock form. but this time i feel like i want to indulge a little bit. :-)

my thoughts are:

1) according to the tire calculator, with a tire size of 225/50 the wall height is 4.42in. i think any higher than 4in is still ok right? i mean, not really very low profile, not very prone to gutter marks. agree?

2) and for the nice comfy suspension of the innova, i guess oks lang itong size na to, agree? considering that the car will be fully loaded once in a while when extended family comes for a visit.

3) color of the car is night mist (dark grey). what's a nice color to match? -->hyper silver? gun metal? chrome? or bronze?

im considering a set of brand new rota mags (if the discount from a friend's cousin will materialize) or might settle for a slightly used stock mags of the Mazda cx-5.

would appreciate to hear your thoughts. salamat!

Leo C.

Gun metal....

I like Innovas with the racy and bold look...


i could not afford a brand new rota so i settled with a slightly used (99% brand new) stock mags from mazda cx5 with potenza g3 225/50/17.

i like the stance and the "stock look". also, the ride greatly improved even my wife noticed.

thanks for your reply vivo! :-)


Sir hows the ride po ngayon ng innova nila compared to the stock before.

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