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Buying a Motorcycle - Help for a Newbie

Started by cococanchela, April 01, 2013, 02:42:33 PM

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Good Day mga Bro!

I'm a newbie at buying a motorcycle and I would like to ask for tips. I have scouted models na gusto ko and I'm thinking of getting a Yamaha Mio Soul I or Mio 125 MX. The following are my queries:

1. Ok ba yung mga model na to? Any other models you can suggest?
2. Anong price range nila?
3. I'm also looking at putting a cash out of mga 30-40k para mababa lang monthly amortization. May dealers ba na willing sa ganitong set up? Ang napapansin ko kasi is yung low down tapos mataas yung monthly. Syempre mas malaki kita nila dun.

Thanks in advance sa tips, mga sir.

Leo C.

If you've already decided on the Yamaha, get the Mio 125 MX... it's liquid cooled and thus more efficient...but costs 80k+  One option is the Suzuki Skydrive which costs a lot less...but not liquid cooled. 30-40K downpayment is acceptable in most dealers... the reason why they advertise a low down or no down is because the market is pang masa and most prospective buyers don't have a substantial amount of cash to make downpayments.

If you're a newbie, my first and most important tip is for you to get a safety riding course, second is to purchase all the proper riding gear... Ride Safe!

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