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Best value for money brand: 4 speaker upgrade? *Newbie*

Started by jamjar, May 11, 2013, 06:16:10 PM

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Quote from: gutz_3110 on May 29, 2013, 10:25:46 AM
salamat, brent. totally wala akong alam dito kaya sa malls ako tumitingin.  i contacted 2 shops, ACA and C3, mura pala sa kanila.  im thinking of either upgrading HU or add a sub and amp.  tanong lang:
1. kapag HU upgrade, meron bang difference sa basic pioneer model? (im looking to get DEH 2550ui right now for the budget)
2. A good fellow forumer also told me to discon the rear speakers, if ok lang alisin yun rear, i'll add the budget to get a higher model HU.

thanks guys for posting. it helps me a lot  :)

C3 offers good deals. I usually get my accessories from them. I used to compete under their team for dB Drag Racing before too.


^noted, brent. sige i'll pay C3 a visit as well. medyo nagmamadali kasi yun kausap ko sa phone regarding prices, mukhang madaming customers. AFAIK, ok din prices nila, not sure lang if sa quote kasama yun deadening saka set up.  thanks again.


Just for an update, I was able to get 6.5" Infinity Reference Speakers for the front doors for P2,700. Not bad at all! The sound is a definite improvement. The treble is very defined, but it can be adjusted through the EQ.


5k seem enough to buy a new speaker for your car but i heard lately that many of speaker are quite expensive lately for sure you can find 5k speaker but not have an quality.


Good day!

Ask ko lng if un NBN subs is plug & play, Un HU ko is pioneer (forgot the model) and stock speaker (starex 2001), if bibili ako ng NBN subs for sure meron na sya kasama cable right? ano pa need gawin or plug lng then ready to play na yun? Gusto ko lang kc dagdagan ng bass ang sound ko at kung kaya ng budget plan ko un maliit n tweeter nilalagay sa harap sa dashboard.  Thanks all!

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