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HU bass and treble settings

Started by extrarice311, May 19, 2013, 10:16:12 PM

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my current setup : amp JBL gt5 a604, seps JBL GT5 650C, coaxial JBL GT5 652. Im just using the stock hu for this setup. Is setting the treble and bass to max ( +6 in my hu) pushing this setup hard and mag endup mabasag agad speakers ko? Since the speakers are entry level and I dont have subwoofers will playing music make the wear and tear faster? I dont play music too loud ( just at level 12 -15 on my hu)I listen to a lot of rock and electronic music, my car btw is a 2013 honda city.
Follow up question im planning to add a small subwoofer to my setup. Is a 1o inch enough since I really dont like the "bayo" factor. The installer placed the amp under the seats at the back, im also planning on placing the sub there. Is this a good idea? Coz I dont want place it at the trunk.
Thanks for any input on these concerns guys.


Its not a good placement for an amp as it will get hot there due to insufficient ventilation. If you're planning to get only a 10" sub it shouldn't consume much space. Treble and Bass settings don't really push the speakers. It's really the main volume level that pushes the equipment.

Leo C.

The body of your amp is not just a case or housing.. it is a heat sink and this requires good ventilation for optimum performance...

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