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subwoofer output level and frequency question

Started by extrarice311, June 06, 2013, 10:58:02 PM

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My HU is a Pioneer avh 1550. My sub is a 10 inch kicker comp vr dvc. I've think i have my equalizer settings nailed now i need to tweak my subwoofer settings... currently I have my high pass filter at 80 hz, and have my subwoofer frequency at 80 hz (this can be tweaked from 50 hz-63hz-80hz-100hz and 125hz) aswell. For the output settings of my subwoofer, I have it at -5( this can be set from +6 to -24). When listening to music, I'm satisfied on how the bass guitar sounds and the overall "presence" of bass in songs. all im after now is more "punch" and "kick" on the bass drum.
What do you guys think of my subwoofer settings?


try raising your crossover frequency to 100 or 125hz

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