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race oils vs. street oils

Started by mikbik, August 06, 2013, 08:19:32 PM

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By the way Vivo I tried to send you a PM but it says that you cannot receive due to settings?


If I may, performance oils are usually used in cars that are driven hard. It is this purpose where you use the oil. If you drive your car hard, don't expect long drain intervals. As Conan said around 6 months is a good interval.

8100 x-cess or 8100 x-clean are the oils that have long drain recommendations for major european manufacturers.

It is not recommended to do more than a year as well with our horrible air quality here in the philippines.

@mikbik why do you keep skirting the question about the car and engine. It would really be easier to answer your question if you just said it. We are all car enthusiasts here, whatever the car may be it's really not a problem.


thanks, did he (sales manager) mention about the detergency of the 300V compared to 8100?

the car is eg d15, and some old school mitsu 4g13


Just use Motul's H-tech line if you don't intend to rape your car in the track, Htech's are best suitable for street use. (it can even be used in racing applications though but shorten drain intervals).

Motul's 300V has more wear fighting additives especially in high performance engines BUT it negates its intended purpose and also price-wise if being used only in street applications. If you have the budget, go for it.

Just make sure you clean your air filter more often as the atmosphere conditions in our country isn't comparable to other countries.

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I think you might be over analyzing what's on the label. Motul oils are good, they are probably used by a lot of race car companies and sponsor a lot some race teams. Like any other oil that advertise that they're the official oil of some race event. They probably have a different line of oil for race purposes only that are given to these big race teams. If you can buy it at a regular shop, I think you should be fine. You should be weary though if the label says for race purposes only and not street legal...  :)


I think you can safely use the 300V as a street oil (as it was said above). As there are other oil company that sells racing oil seperately like valvoline vr-1, redline etc.. this oils are formulated for purely racing only.

I was a bit skeptic on the 300V before, now I am assured that using it is fine.

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