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VW Beetle Help

Started by kingkongklash, October 16, 2013, 10:20:34 AM

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Hi all!

Greetings, I joined this forum to seek help from VW Beetle experts/owners.

I always wanted to own an old VW Beetle. I don't know much about cars in general, but i do love going on road trips. And with that, the only car that I would like to drive on long road trips would be the beetle. The only problem is I'm on a limited budget.

I'm not looking for a project car. I'm looking for something that is ready to drive.

I'm wondering if you guys can help me out. My budget is around 150K. Is that enough? Also I'm looking for a beetle with aircon, good seatbelts and audio set up.

Is my budget enough?

Thanks!  ;D ;D ;D


I would advise you to buy something else since you're budget is more than enough to buy a more modern car than the Beetle which would be more reliable.


the VW beetle was "the peoples car" and loved by many.....the soft rattle of the air cooled engine down narrow streets was my liking. Owned a 1300N and a 1600TL fast back, not quite the same as the Beetle but the build was similar. I have seen some beetles not far from here in San Pablo on the road between Los Banos and Caluan. Some things will be difficult to support such as the exhaust system where the flat 4 cylinders have a large screw thread coupling to the exhaust manifold I had to make my own spanner from sheet 5mm steel.

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