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Car Audio accessories Head Unit

Started by meteora09, October 24, 2013, 11:28:44 AM

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good day mga sir!

i'm looking for head unit, paplitan ko san yung stock head unit ng sasakyan namin any inputs for brand? na mura lang budget is 4k..
and sa mga nabasa ko e mura daw sa RAON... may alam po ba kayong trusted shop dun na mura? or baka may nabilihan na kayo dun na shop na pede niyo isuggest??? :)

salamat!!!  :)


mura sa Banawe, QC. C3 Audio to be specific. 4k can get you a Pioneer head unit 2-3 tiers above entry-level. ;) 


thank you sir for the info! :) God bless!

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