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Kit Cars

Started by peter, April 05, 2014, 12:31:40 PM

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I have great admiration for the old MG series classic open sports cars from the early days when before synchro gearboxes we had to "double de clutch" for changing gears to the last model which was the MG TF......  sori cannot work out inserting a picture...

...anyway, holidaying in Brazil and I saw one of these beauties  parked alongside a beach bar and stood admiring it. The owner came and offered to show me the engine. so I walked round to the bonnet, but he went to the boot and lifted up the lid and there was a 1600 cc VW engine !!! Astounded by this because the car was all that it should be except for this engine. Apparently the car was purchased in a "Kit" form and built at home. VWs are still available in Brazil locally made. I've only seen the Lotus 7 as a kit car in the UK so this was a shock......don't quite imagine myself in a sports car making the sound of a Beetle somehow.

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