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9th Gen Civic (FB) club philippines EB

Started by batusai_jr, May 17, 2014, 09:23:20 PM

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All 9th gen civic owners are invited to our EB on may 18, 2014 at SM Mall of asia at the HIN7, Visit our page for details.

Be one of US... Civic IX Philippines is a growing community composed of the Pinoy 9th Generation Civic (Models 2012 onwards) enthusiast around the Globe...whose aim is to nurture respect, friendship, teamwork and fun among its members...To start please click the link and Join our Group Page...
Your Facebook account should be set to PUBLIC for screening purposes only for a max of a week after you joined for us to verify the authenticity of your account. (To avoid adding "DUMMY" accounts) A PICTURE of yourself beside your Civic FB is better to avoid unnecessary claiming of other cars. If you are referred to us... Let us know who or how you knew about our group...

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