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what is your digital car stereo

Started by henseltan1, June 06, 2014, 10:11:36 AM

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I received this stereo as a birthday gift from my wife, because my previous stereo broke down, and so far I have been really satisfied with this stereo. Installed it very easily and has straight forward controls with not too much work to figure out, everything looks good from the design and down to its quality. The unit is more compact from front to back. Plus the remote control makes operating it while traveling down the road a breeze,  I had been looking exactly for a decent stereo replacement that features a permanent on screen display of the CLOCK! This one fits the bill exactly. I wanted it mainly for the USB and sd card input, USB MP3 works perfectly using a 16GB flash disk and album (folder) selection is quick and easy. Excellent sound quality, great and simple LCD digital display and Settings are easy to customize and intuitive.  Also the fm radio has a strong coverage, heads up regarding this stereo, it doesn`t support bluetooth and AUX, but given its low-cost price what else could you ask for? Bottom line is that everything works how I expected it, and so far I haven`t experienced any kinds of problem.   

What I particularly liked
USB and SD card support up to 32gb
Strong radio coverage
Easy installation
Great price
Clock display
Quality and compact design

What I particularly don`t liked
Doesn`t support AUX
Doesn`t support bluetooth

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