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Lancer Boxtype Questions

Started by kingkongklash, June 16, 2014, 03:38:10 PM

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Hi Guys!

My dad owns a lancer boxtype and I would like to ask for help regarding restoration. This car has been with him for the longest time and he does not want to sell it cause of sentimental reasons. I would just like to restore it a bit as a gift to him. It is in good running condition. Here the few issues that I would like to get fixed

1. Door panels are worn out. front passenger side is bolted for it to stay in place. How much would it cost to repair all four doors?

2. Leather cover for the seats are also worn out. What is the price range for seat covers, not necessarily leather

3. How much for steering wheel replacement and alignment?

4. Does this car support new car stereos (with USB) and what is the price range on these units?

5. Car change color. His boxtype is currently Red, but would like it be repainted to white. How much is that would cost and do i need to make changes on the car registration?


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