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ask me anything about CAR WRAP or CAR FOIL

Started by dr.wrap, June 18, 2014, 05:38:35 PM

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Good Day to you friend, i'm Dr.Wrap. i'm here to answer all your car wrap or car foil questions if you are thinking about wrapping your car. I learn my skills in USA working for a vehicle wrap company for 5 years and decided to go home and settle in with my family here in Manila. As i observed car wrap industry in our country is not well known enough and some are expensive while others are so cheap. I will also entertain informations about materials to be used  and cost of materials plus labor.  I'm offering to share my knowledge and years of experience to you. just ask and i will do my best to answer all your questions about vehicle wrap/foil. Oh, and i'm new to this forum thing so please bare with me, and also i run business so i will do my best to answer you every night after work...thanks guys and God Bless


Anong difference ng wrap sa foil?

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Good day sir aid03 pareho lang po ang car wrap and car foil. now mas madalas na gamitin ang term na car wrap. vehicle wrapping or foiling uses vinyl sticker to wrap the whole car or by panel. mas cheaper and faster ito compared sa paint. just like paint prone din ito sa scratches so in a way its like a 2nd skin ng car.with regards to sticker to be used. mas mahal na material mas matagal ang life span at mas madali i install.

Types of outdoor sticker
1. monomeric films calendered = very cheap material only good for flat surface
2. polymeric film calendered = intermediate material good for flat and slightly curved surface. when it comes to wrapping bumpers and side mirrors expect some wrinkles and
bubbles when applied to curved areas.
3. polymeric premium cast film = top of the line fim this sticker is specially made for car wrapping.


Sir do you wrap cars? Specifically I want to wrap my car in Black chrome and do you sell quality car wrap. I already tried 2 times but I just can't get rid of the bubbles and wrinkles. If you do wrap cars, I would very much like to discuss it with you. Good day sir.


Good day Sir! Just want to quickly ask, pag nagpa-wrap ba ng auto does it need to be registered again with its new color (color of wrap)?

Jayson Frias

just want to ask, magkano magpa wrap? crv 2000..


San po ba pwede mag-aral ng car wrapping. Gusto ko sana kasi ng actual. Interesado talaga kasi ako.


Hola! Gusto ko sana ipa wrap ang car ko (Chevy Colorado) Orange rock color. Mga magkano kaya abotin? 😬

milot garces

sir depende po yan sa materyales at kulay na gusto mo, nag iinstall ako sir baka gusto mo sakin na lang magpagawa eto po number ko sir 09201096641 or pm sa fb, milot garces search nio lang sir salamat

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