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Shipping a Motorcycle From the US to Philippines? Can it be done?

Started by vinzsalvador, September 10, 2014, 12:08:26 PM

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I'm looking for some informations, I hope someone could help me.

My friend is moving to Manila, Philippines soon, March 2015 and he wants to bring his 2007 Honda XR650L. He is an American and going to be married to a PH Lady who has residency there, but presently living with him in the US. Also he thought about buying a 4wheeler atv too to bring?

I have read stories on the web that it can't be done, and or customs will tax the value of the new purchase price of 100% regardless of age or condition and or seize it. So has anyone found a solution?  :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:



yes, it can be shipped and legalized in the philippines. taxes are always based on it's "blue book"value.

yes, there are incidents that certain imports are charged with it't brand new value but it is always not the case. your best bet is to have it properly assessed by someone from the BOC. they are not hard to find. i bet there are some here that could shed more light in this.

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