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Honda H-RV

Started by Toby Nate, January 25, 2015, 08:41:18 PM

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Toby Nate

Hi guys, Do you know when will the new honda hrv be released here in the philippines? any news?  :)


no news yet. but the upcoming Honda HRV does look good!  :)

Toby Nate

from what i've know, it's already released in thailand and indonesia. and this feb in malaysia. is there any sequence as to honda releases their new models in ASEAN?


Despite the impressive growth in sales in recent years, the Philippine new car market is still one of the smallest in ASEAN. And it is the only right hand drive market. For these reasons it is unfortunatly very common, that new models will only be introduced in the Philippines, when initial demand on larger markets have been met, so that the factory has spare capacity.

For what, it is worth, the HR-V has not been released in Europe yet either, but is expected to be so around may 2015. Maybe a mid-2015 release is an educated guess for the Philippines.


By the way I think some people might be dissapointed, if they see this as a Ford Ecosport competitor. It appears to be equipped as standard with the 1,8 liter engine from the Honda Civic, so it seems like, Honda will place this somewhere between the Ecosport and its own CRV. I would not be surpriced at all, if prices will start above 1M.


They also call this car "vezel" in some markets.

Released na siya dito sa SG. May nakita na akong ilan na gumagala.

Toby Nate

hopefully they'll release it here in the philippines soon

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