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How to apply for your racing license

Started by itchywitch, February 17, 2003, 04:31:10 PM

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You need racing license to get points.

Rally and Rally-X
Circuit (e.g. Production or Supersaloon class)

Normally in a circuit amateurs aren't allowed to race wheel-to-wheel. Timed brackets lang, like in RWYB. For Rally, the navigator also needs a race license even if he's not really driving.


finally got my license yesterday.

nakakatawa..i first had to go to MMDA to fix my ticket...
ang tagal ko dun...inaatsingan pako ng mama sa pila  :(

pagclaim was an older ticket pa...
then had to go to this old old bldg...
then at last i got my card...

then off to A.A.P.

i was shocked to see...ang laki laki pala ng racing license!!
sayang hindi malagay sa wallet   ;D

wolf den

Question again,

Do they still require the expensive medical check-up for the racing license?


Wolf den:'s expensive.
though I don't know how much it will cost if you're just renewing your license.

I understand you only have to give an ecg if it's your first time to get it.

wolf den

K, tnx. do they still have the same doc? there used to be one only here in the country.


wolfden:  only one what? doctor for aap?
i think so...kind of moreno but chinese-filipino looking?

splerdu:  when u got your license did u have to take a written exam?  

wolf den

Yup, aap. from what i remember there was only one accredited doc by the FIA,
My apologies for all the questions, ganyan talaga kaming mga matanda....


Ok lang yan wolf-den, are you planning to get one ba? For off-roadracing?



no written exam for me. did you have to take one?

wolf den

Quote from: rally_truckster on May 07, 2003, 07:51:42 PM
Ok lang yan wolf-den, are you planning to get one ba? For off-roadracing?

Nope, dont need it in 4x4 racing, races there are not A.A.P./F.I.A. sanctioned events. just comparing from how it was back then when i was with Masigs Rally Team.


splerdu:  no.  was wondering lang...
thought they'd give us a test on the racing signs and all.

wala pala...


Just to revive. Mazda is calling all racers worldwide for their miata cup. Track spec miatas available for purchase:

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