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Anyone here interested in Carpooling? :)

Started by geromme, April 11, 2015, 08:28:07 PM

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Hi guys! Can you please help me spread the word? :) I know most of you here if not all has a car. I don't know if you are familiar with Carpooling.  If you are a driver and you want to share your car to other people going to the same route, Tripda is a platform for that. You can save gas cost and meet new people in the process :)

As part of our final project in school, Our group is currently sharing the word to all car owners and drivers who are interested and have them to register. It is totally free. You might want to check it. It is really interesting. It's like Tinder on Wheels.hehehe

When you Offer a ride using you can get ₱100 WORTH OF FUEL FOR EVERY FIVE (5) BOOKINGS YOU GET.

Thank you :)


How do you deal with car abuse and much worse, carjacking and carnapping?

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It is connected on Facebook. So you can actually see and select who you want to share the car with. 


So your 100% reliant on Facebook security?
What about liability?

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