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Convert 2007 Honda CRV AT to LPG in Cebu-City

Started by GoetzPhilippinen, June 14, 2015, 02:39:24 PM

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Hello guys,
I recently bought a 2007 Honda CRV AT in very good condition, but as this car drinks a lot of gasoline I think about converting it to LPG.

Now I need your advice on a reliable mechanic in Cebu-City that would do the job.


Question sir, i had a 2007 AT crv before, bought it bnew, the first 2-3years was ok, after that it was downhill from there, there was a time that i fueled up for 500 pesos(gauge was on E), from paranaque to alabang and back, total of 22kms, gas was 50ish back then, it was Xmas season....traffic was bad, so was the the math, 2-3kms/L

To amswer your question sir, save your money, pang add nalang sa gas.....with the prices of it right now, ill spend my money on good lube like RP 5w30 oil, iridium plugs and a new air filter, kahit oem, as long as its new

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