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Subaru XV

Started by devil.duke.88, May 29, 2015, 09:36:55 AM

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Hi. Anyone here owns or has owned a Subaru XV '14 or '15 models? What's your experience in terms on gas mileage, maintenance, etc? Would you recommend it? I'm on the fence between an XV and a safer bet Montero.


I reckon the Montero has the edge in terms of space, value for money and running costs. The Montero is a truck while the XV is an AWD car.
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My brother has a 2014 XV with less than 3k mileage. My cousin has a 2012 Montero with 24k mileage. I had driven both SUVs many times and the XV is far more superior in terms of comfort, engine response, handling and fuel costs is also on the high side. Subaru caters to different personalities and you can't compare it to the Montero. On the same route, the XV has  8 km/liter while the Montero gives 11/l. I feel fresh after a long drive with the XV. I would recommend it, but you have to compute your expenses based on your mileage per month. If you can afford it, XV is it. Parked it side by side and you know what I mean.


Somebody should post a side by side comparison. Some people see it in terms of the amount of tech and mechanicals versus price point. Are you paying more for the amount of car or less?

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Solid rear axle versus independent rear suspension
Rear wheel drive versus all wheel drive
Twin scroll turbo versus last-gen turbo
Climate control versus conventional aircon
Rear parking sensor versus rear videocam parking

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Cars are a little bit expensive when compared to another but you are actually buying a lot more car for the money.. In short, more value.

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