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Need advice on paint damage

Started by LevinBZ, August 05, 2015, 10:21:59 AM

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Magandang araw po mga sir! Ako po ay nainvolve sa isang low speed car collision kaninang umaga, binanga po ang aking likuran. Upon inspection minor damage naman po at nagkasundo na lang kami ng nakabanga na mag pa estimate muna ako before mag settle sa price.

Eto po link sa picture:

Need po ng inyong mga initial opinyon kung anong klaseng repair sa ganitong klaseng damage, or kung worth it ba, 4 month old car lang po kasi.

Maraming salamat mga sir.


If its a 4 month car, you should have brought the car sa casa to have  an estimate, then off to the police station for the police report, let your insurance take car of the damage, dun sir na nakabangga, he has to pay the participation fee + taxi fee( depends how many days your car will be out of service) for your daily transport.......if youre in a hurry, thats damage is only 2k sa most body repair shop, overnight lang yan po

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