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Avanza 1.3E MT or AT?

Started by mc241q, July 27, 2015, 12:00:07 AM

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Good day Sir/Maam!

Planning to buy here Avanza 1.3E but still confused if going with Manual or Automatic transmission. Need your expert advise on this one. things to consider are as follow:

1. will be using this mostly in Cavite area. sometimes city (EDSA area) driving like once or twice a week only.
2. in terms of fuel consumption, which transmission saves better?
3. when planning for a long drive (like 6-8 hours going north), which transmission is better on this one?
4. overall difference between fuel consumption between these two transmissions? just seen some articles that nowadays, there's a lot of improvements with matic transmission and there's no huge difference with a manual with regards to this one. is this true for most cars?

As you can see, my most concern here falls on the fuel consumption. but if you already tested these two types, will you recommend a manual or automatic? will be purchasing my first car so don't have any idea yet so need to gather info on this one.

Aprreciate in advance your help and thanks in advance!



Easy answer, manual is always frugal whether on long, short drives, city or provincial. Main difference is driving style. I've seen seasoned or old drivers consume more fuel using manual or "magic" matics even in matics equipped with economy modes. So unless you know the correct driving technique to save fuel, you will always consume more fuel.

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Thanks Yutakuroyoshi for your advise. So i guess I will stick on my decision on buying Manual type. will just do my homework on how to drive properly once i have my Avanza.


A lot of development has taken place with automatic transmission in later years, but none of it has found its way to the Avanza. The Avanza still use a 4 speed torque converter box. As like has always been the case, such a transmission will increase fuel consumption about 10% compared to a manual transmission.

Other vehicles however come with CVT´s, 8-speed torque converters or dubble clutch systems. And these can bring the consumption of an AT down to the same level as a manual or even below. A Porsche for instance is more economical today with an AT than a MT.

However the fuel consumption of a AT is a bit more consistent and less driver dependent than that of a MT. If you drive a MT and keep hanging in low gears when not needed, you can increase your fuel consumption to above the level of an AT.

This is because an AT will not allow you to make that mistake. It will shift up when possible, as long as you are not demanding full power from the engine. So if you are a bad or careless driver, you might experience lower fuel consumption with even an old fashioned AT like the one in the Avanza.

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