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how to gain more HP and torque on my civic 1996 vti A/T

Started by markz, August 21, 2015, 11:47:50 AM

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guys newbie here I have a civic 1996 vti automatic transmission stock ph16 engine, what are the right mods to increase its horsepower and torque for a low cost? Medyo hirap kasi specially uphill. I already replaced my air intake and exhaust. Thanks in advance guys!


How much is low cost for you? I like to ask when was the last time you changed ATF? Start from there, if not satisfied, replace the stock headers with a 4 2 1 config.


i changed it last april 2015 . budget lang sana around 10k is that enough? plan ko na din mgchange ng headers pro need pa ba palitan yung connecting pipe or ok na yung stock?


Dont know the price any more, when i changed mine, it was 15 years ago, when everybody was ricey back then, palit lahat, headers, midpipe and muffler, i think even the catalytic converter was removed which i dont recommend  today, Just dont expect too much, stick with the ATF and see what happens.

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