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Customizing a 2012 Ford Everest

Started by jokio123, September 27, 2015, 10:28:23 PM

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Hey guysss!!! :D I'm planning to customize a 2012 Limited Edition Gold Ford Everest and the truth is, im no expert and I would like to learn more about looks and everything as I am starting to learn more about the engines...sooo anywayyyy, I would like to if the everest could be customized to an off road kind of look just like how pick ups are customized or if not, could i ask some suggestions on how I could customize it? Please hehe, I would really love the efforts and thank you so much :D


I'm not sure if the Limited Edition is a 4x4, but assuming it's a 4x4, basic start is the change of the wheels, lifting it up, having a winch, a snorkel... I think it's enough to make your ride looks good for off-roading.


Maybe after you've done the lifting, changing of wheels and adding a winch and snorkel, you can add a roof rack as well.  You can also add some fog lights fitted on the roof rack.



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