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OBD2 device

Started by Sam Witwicky, October 01, 2015, 06:06:45 PM

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Sam Witwicky

We are working on a new OBD II tracker/scanner. Our device is almost finished but we still have time to add new functions or change some of the existing ones. I want your advice to make it better if it is interesting for you to participate in the process of creating a new device for your car.
Main functions of the device:
- reads engine error codes;
- shows the data from dashboard indicators;
- real-time 24/7 vehicle monitoring;
- location tracking;
- notification when vehicle enters or leaves a geo-fence;
- driver's behavior analysis;
- accident notification;
- 3d reconstruction of the accident;
- mobile application; Which other functions would you find useful? What functions do you think are unnecessary?
I will be thankful for any ideas. Feel free to say what you think.

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