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Land Cruiser series 80 in Philippines

Started by Christian Guinsad, October 19, 2015, 07:35:31 PM

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Christian Guinsad

Hello and Good Day autoindustriya!

I would just like to ask some things about the Land Cruiser 80 series for i don't know much about 4x4 vehicles, i'm much more of the sport and sedan type of guy :)

I hope you guys can enlighten me with what's so special about LC80 :) I would like to know more about it before i go looking for one. now for the questions:

What are the differences between the Local units and the imported ones? why are the local units much expensive than the imported ones?

What are the variants of the Local units when it was released back in the 90's?

I found one actually, local unit, but when i checked the CR, i noticed that the indicated number of cylinder is 4, and based on what i have researched so far, i can't find any 4 cylinder engine. Just a mistake maybe from LTO? that's why i would like to know if there were different variants that came to our shores back in the 90's.

Thanks guys i hope you guys can help me with this one.
More power GOD BLESS!

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