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Ziebart Detailing experience

Started by tux, December 05, 2015, 09:23:22 PM

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Any body here avail detailing service fro Ziebart? I just recently availed  interior and exterior detailing at ziebart makati/don bosco... very disappointed.

all outside glass/windows still has water marks all over..
I ask all sticker removed... and they did but keep all the sticker marks behind... sigh!!
from the inside, suction marks from camera and cellphone holder still intact.. (with a little wiping, I was able to clean it before I left)
steering wheel and shift knob are sticky to touch due to dressing.
you can see the top dashboard has uneven dressing application.
their waxing job is the WORST I have seen, watermarks embeded and swirl marks everywhere! ARGHHHH!!!


Yung suking  car wash ko did miles way better job than them... for  way way way less.


may sukli ka pa cguro if you had your detailing job done at Big Bert's.  ;)


exactly... Big berts talaga plano ko. pero for what ever reason gusto ko lang ma try ziebart/carsaver.. I never thought na ganito ka walang kuwenta yung "detailing"  :violent1: nila. mas malinis pa ang 100 pesos car wash.  :furious:

sharing some pics, you can see the defects around the fluorescent light reflection, medyo mahirap talaga picturan dahil sa wax  :furious:


I had 3 cars (bumpers) painted at Ziebart at the same time since i was on vacation and all were sent for back job, hahaha..never again

Red Riding Hood

It costs a lot for a detailing that has low quality. Not worth it... ever!

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