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Questions on replacing Flywheel of 4DR5

Started by patt, February 11, 2016, 03:59:08 PM

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Hello everyone!
My jeep is due for registration this week or next. Problem is sometimes the flywheel turns and sometimes it doesnt. I might have to replace my flywheel on my jeep`s 4DR5 engine (maybe may bungi na). (The electrician ruled out the bendix/solenoid as the problem)

My questions are:

1) Is it possible on the 4dr5 to reverse the flywheel so the good teeth engage the starter teeth?

2) Does the engine need to be brought down, or can it be done with the flywheel side lowered enough just to gain access to it?

3) Can any mechanic do the job, or do i need a machine shop for replacing flywheel (if need be)? I have no idea how the flywheel is attached to the crankshaft. Is it labor intensive?

4) How much kaya sa labor and sa surplus flywheel (from blumentritt right?)

Thank You!


Naexperienced ko na yan sir. Di mo n kailangan ibaba ang makina kundi ang transmission ang at matatanggal na,di na kailangan ng machine shop bastat marunong lang ang mekaniko magtanggal ng ring gear. Iikot lang ang ring gear yong walang bungi at doon mo ilagay kung saan yong dating gear na may bungi,dahil doon ang engine rest.

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I'm no expert in DIY car repair,but I think it's best na ipatingin yan sa mechanic before galawin yun engine.


CLAIRETSEB23 - Sorry sa super-super late na reply at ngayon ko lang nakita reply mo. Tama ka, inacetylene lang
               sabay pukpok nang mekaniko. No problem na. Salamat ha ! Patrick

GEARjunkie - Sorry for the extremely late reply, just saw both posts now. Clairetseb23`s reply was right on the
             money. But thanks for the reply anyway ! Patrick

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