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Big Berts Professional Detailing Review (soon)

Started by iEms, March 09, 2016, 09:13:27 AM

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Hi Guys,

After reading all the good reviews here for Big Bert's Professional Detailing, i brought my Honda Jazz White for some Full Detailing Action at their Araneta branch and will be picking it up the next few days.

Anxious to see the results for the exterior, interior and engine. Hoping for some good results. I will be writing again in this posts for some detailed review for 2016.

Starting it off with good accommodation from the staff. I asked some stuff and got good replies with nice tones. Sir Paul, the branch manager is accommodating and personally looked at my car while his staff is doing some checklist for the full detailing.

Wish me and my car luck. :)


Any branches in other locations?

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Red Riding Hood

can someone please post a review? I need to know details haha

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