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Lightning Lab head unit

Started by falken205, May 16, 2016, 04:39:48 PM

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Anyone tried this head unit? Any feedback? I can't seem to find reviews for this brand.
Mostly it's the lightning lab speakers they talk about, not the head unit.


despite having no reply to this thread and china's arrogance :-), i went ahead and took a gamble on this Chinese LLab head unit.

-6.2 LCD
-Built-in DigitalTV (no need for separate TV Plus box)
-DVD (able to play pirated Bluray)

for 8,500.00 with all these goodies including home service installation, it was really very tempting! The closest Pioneer model is the 285BT for 10,500.00 (cheapest i have searched) but with no DigitalTV.

-Sound quality was good, at par with my experience with Pioneer using stock speakers. This LLab headunit really brought the best out of the Starex's stock speakers. I never heard them sound like this with the stock JVC and AVT dvd player.
-BT pairing is quick. loading of phone contacts was ok.
-user interface was easy to follow, i didn't have to read the manual except for the default password for some of the settings.
-DigitalTV signal was noticeably stronger than my RCA Digital TV box. It comes with two small antennas.

i just hope it will last long like the pioneers i've had before.
anyway, just sharing. :-)

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