Best usedcar SUV 1.2M budget :considering new Fort & Monty arriving 2016

Started by Magic Bat, October 13, 2015, 01:42:03 PM

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Magic Bat


I have a budget of PHP 1.2M and I am looking to buy a used SUV ( Fort / Monty/Trailblazer/Santa Fe ) less than 2 years old and minimal mileage . I really like the Monty and the Fort but I am in a dilemma as new models arrive in 2016 and my resale will go for a toss.

I am assuming there are no new models around the corner for Trailblazer & Santa Fe ( both are different categories I know ) so I could prefer that too

What do you suggest in this scenario ?

Thanks in advance


Visit Toyota pre-owned or Toyota Financial. My officemate almost got a 2014 Fortuner model for less than 1M. Those repossessed-cars are really good bargains. If you are not into repossessed cars, try and go for the owner leaving or migrating, you can have a good price. If you need the car now, don't wait for next year. Don't think of the resale value, bibili ka pa lang, bentahan na agad ang nasa isip mo, use and enjoy it first. Resale value is nothing if you are enjoying your vehicle no matter what the mileage it has. Maintain and use well and sell your car later and let the next owner enjoy it too with nothing or less to worry. This is my principle, that is why my friends are lining up whenever I'm selling one of my babies.


Magic Bat

Thanks for your views mbenz & DTNS .. another perspective really helps
Any idea on how can I deal with Toyota pre-owned ? Do they have outlets with cars listed ?

What would be the best estimated cost price / buying price ( buyers perspective ) for the following 2014 model Vehicles , all AT and assuming less than 18K mileage . You can take a stab at it from your experience or just make an educated guess :-)

2014 TB LT 4 x 2
2014 Fort 2.5 V 4x 2
2014 Fort 2.5 G 4 x 2
2014 Montero  GLS V 4 x2
2014 Montero GTV 4x 4

Thanks again


No need to worry that a Fortuner will lose in value, just because a new model has been released. The new model was launched with a price hike, so getting the old one will result in significant savings.

Design wise the new model is more evolution than revolution. So its not like the old Fortuner will look or feel old, just because the new one excist.

Most important of all there is demand for Fortuners because of Toyotas reputation for reliability and durability. And a new model does not change that reputation.

A budget of 1,2M is overkill also. As a repo car Fortuners now trade for somewhere between 900k and 1,05M, unless you want the 4x4 model, which is difficult to find.

Monteros are a bit cheaper, which reflect that they were also cheaper when new. The Trailblazer is difficult to find as a repo car, and long term maintenence costs are uncertain, because its an unproved brand, which is new to the market. It is for sure not as safe a choise as the other two.

The Santa Fe is a really nice vehicle, but its something very different from the pick-up based SUVĀ“s. More comfortable and refined but less durable if used on unpaved rural roads.

It uses a monocoque platform, so despite the diesel engines, its real competitors are the RAV4, Honda CR-V and Nissan X-trail, and not the Fortuner, Montero etc.

Personally I would be highly tempted to get the Santa Fe, but like the Trailblazer it is not so easy to find as a repo car. Its sister car the Kia Sorento seem to be a much more frequent visitor at repo warehouses.



If he can stretch the budget a bit, a brand new Isuzu MU-X is within reach, and might be a good choise yes. However all other models start significantly higher than 1,2 M, so they are not really an option.


Quote from: goodvibes88880 on June 19, 2016, 10:38:40 PM
why buy 2nd hand. with 1.2 may brand new na

Even a 2nd hand Toyota Fortuner will be arguably save more budget in the long run in my opinion.

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