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<HELP!>Project Mini-Me\Franky

Started by JDMBeau, October 15, 2016, 10:01:31 AM

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Experts please help!!!

i'm planning on doing a MINI-ME swap on my 1996 civic VTi (PH16A Vtec engine)

Pero ang dami kong tanong kasi ang dami kong nababasa sa internet
and i'm getting confused if itutuloy ko ba tong project na to
sana matulungan niyo ako.

doing this swap i will be buying surplus part and aftermarket parts
(eto palang yung nasa bucket list ko na mga kailangan ko po )
-PO8 D15b head(20 camlobes)
-PO8 Distributor
-Adjustable camgear

As per Cloud reference

1. a d15 cam gear is a 1/2 tooth off from the d16(question is can this be resolved by installing an aftermarket camgear if? if yes po anong adjustable camgear ang kukuin ko pang d15 po ba or PH16A\D16)

2. i just recently changed my timing belt(PH16A\D16 (part number - 14400-P2E-44))
question is will it fit the P08 D15B head?

3. i may nabasa ako before sa internet din na before finishing the swap have the d15b head shaved by 0.10"(.25mm")

"my best advise before finishing the swap is to shave the D15B head muna by .010" (.25mm ; a.k.a. "isang pasada" LOL!)
The D15B heads have larger combustion chambers (34.6cc) compared to the PH16A (32.8cc) kaya pag nag mini-me ka, you will definitely gain from the 20-lobe conversion BUT you will effectively lose a little of compression.
Reason I say shave is to gain back what you have lost and .010"

is the guy pertaining to have the D15B head port and polished ?

yan lang po sana may maka tulong sakin TIA!!
more power

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