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THE "ring" JAP-Version.

Started by nismo28, December 17, 2002, 09:24:24 PM

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i saw the movie last friday, i was scared and at the same time laughing coz everyone was screaming ahhhhhhhh. nawawala tuloy yun suspense. hahahaa.

the movie was great, acting was fine eventhough dami nagsasabi hindi daw ok. nasanay lang sila sa US mvies.

there are a few scenes though na medyo paulit ulit pero nakakatawa, like yun they turn to look at something, then when the camera shifts, there is always someone standing there silent hahahahah. :D

btw, i slept with my light on hahahaah.
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the movie didn't really scare me that much... i was busy laughing at the people on the other side of the theater coz grabe sumigaw. hehehe...  ;D jk!

but guess what....

the next day, i was walking around the house... and la lang, i just picked up my big mirror and looked at it... biglang nagskip ata ng isang heartbeat yung puso ko. binaba ko agad ang mirror....  :-[ ??? :-X :-\ jeez!  :-\

good thing i dont get freaked out while watching tv.... coz im always alone in my house. lolz...  :o


haha yung sa us version yung bata yung nakaktakot eh... more on the kadiri side
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one good thing about watchin it is that i dont masturbate in front of the teevee no more


Quote from: supersix2 on December 24, 2002, 02:03:07 AM
one good thing about watchin it is that i dont masturbate in front of the teevee no more

tsk tsk tsk  :)


That's a damn scary movie. The night I watched it, I even waited 'til morning before I went to bed, hehehe! I was thinking of surfing the net, pero takot pa rin ako. Buti na lang lipas na takot ko.;D

But The Exorcist Director's Cut is still king! Nothing else scared the living sh!t out of me the way it did. It haunted me for quite some time. Ang bigat talaga ng pakiramdam pag pinapanood mo.


I already watched it. It didn't really scare me though. But I did get surprised at the "last" scene though.

However, I did get bothered when I was at home and going to sleep already. I felt somewhat hesitant to use the phone or walk in the darkness when scenes from the movie flashed in my head.


I watched it also already .. alone ...

Actually hindi naman siya ganong nakakatakot, especially the last part, iyong lumabas na si Sadako sa TV (very unrealistic IMHO), and the entire video part, parang impossible nga na gumamit pa ng camera ang mga multo (maybe the Japs are so much obssessed with technology). And the storyline itself, at first glance, it's almost impossible to mix the story of Shizuko and Azukawa, but in the end it all made sense.


wow, spoiler  :cwm21:.  probably u already know what to expect (esp the last part).  :P k.j.
of course its impossible for a ghost to use video to spread terror. duh.  :cwm10:.(but though its an original concept) IMHO, its not japs obsession on technology, but technologys part of there culture.
two words. jarjar bink. hello.. . . its a movie. its supposed to entertain us. its supposed to play with our mind. u dont always have to be technical :cwm15:when watchin a movie.
hehehe, peace tayu ;D, mr.rAImond. . to be honest with you, its hard for me to believe that hindi ka na takot :cwm31:. ang brave brave mo naman (.... ....).
merry christmas. :cwm9:
Its called Individual Differences.



probably, brave lang talaga sya.
me, it didnt scare me when watchin the movie alone. its the after affect did. i think its purely psychological na, cuz when m alone at my pod i cant help but think, what if its true, what if it really does, what if sadako appeared in front of me.... oh well, ill stop na. it gives me the chill.


oi badong....register ka na sa talkboard! libre nman e...hehe

rAImond not logged on


Hey I'm just expressing my opinion here, I didn't think na me ma-ooffend pala ako.

Anyways I didn't expect that my post would be a spoiler, what I really intended my post to be is to just give my personal insight on the movie and nothing more. And sa tingin ko ang dami nang nakapanood ng "Ringu" and AFAIK wala na nga siya sa mga movie houses e.

It's true that it didn't really scare me off. Ewan ko, ganun talaga ako when I'm watching a movie. As much as I would like to comprehend the storyline I'm just not involving myself (i.e. being a part of it) with it. Kasi nga, it's just a movie and entertainment is it's main purpose. If it does scare one off maybe it's part of the entertainment recipe that movie has to offer. Well, as for me, it just really didn't scare me kasi nga parang napaka-imposibleng mangyari. Again, this is just my opinion.

So hope I didn't offend you though :)


none taken, mr.rAImond. im just a little ol' brat pag sa movies. peace tayo, ha. ;D
Its called Individual Differences.



 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(huhuhuhuhuhuhu

do ko pa rin sya napapanood!!!!!  

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


( spoiler )

The ring 2 jap version nga pla has the same ingredients as the first one, ull discover na sadako, through autopsy lived inside the well for................ o ayan light spoiler lang... pero intriguing.. makes you think pano sha nabuhay dun sa loob ng well. :) those nails.. yiik! :)

Watched ring 1 usdm for free sa abs cbn studio, hehe, no offense to usdm ring fans pero baduy eh, parang THE RING merged with a little of SCREAM series and URBAN Legends, didnt scare me at all..  :)
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