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THE "ring" JAP-Version.

Started by nismo28, December 17, 2002, 09:24:24 PM

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thanx for the teaser, mr.dondi.  me too, i already watch the usdm(the ring)downloaded it at kazaa. not that scary.
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In early 1998, a film made for just 1.2 million dollars would become the horror sensation of the year, smashing records in Hong Kong, Singapore, and its native Japan. That film was the Ring (aka Ringu), and it would go on to win awards at international film festivals in Brussels, Montreal, and Pusan before U.S.

eto hataw na site.. medyo spoiler ng konti. so warning na to ha  ;D

i have vcd's of Ringu, Ringu 2 and Ringu 0 - Clear Copies! Dolby Digital pa  ;D  baka gusto nyong umorder?  P100 lang pero episode!  pero syempre CD recordable lang ha...  i'll post again.. pag available na ung mga VCDs..



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saw the ring 1 jap version at megamall. it was good.  the review for ring 2 is not that encouraging though, i haven't seen the reviews for ring 0 though.

i'll still watch the hollywood version so that i can compare.
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I watched the english version first then the jap wasn't scary anymore to me since I know the's scary only if you don't know what's going to happen...and whatever you watch first will be the good one IMO. Knowing the story doenst make it scary anymore....   ;D


folks! just watch the movie yesterday at g.b. It's so fun & scary not to mention sadako.. she's really weird and scary! the scariest part I think was the backshadow of sadako on the t.v and the man who pointed at the bag also the eyes of sadako on the end. This version is better than american, don't you think? but there are also some part in american that scarier than jap. like for instance sadako.. in american version. Can't wait to borrow or watch it on the bigscreen the 0 & 2.. peace! more power to A.I. 8)
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I just watched it yesterday, Ring Jap ver. Its not scary because it really is scary..It was more of because of all the hype the movie has been getting. After watching i'm like.. :-\ hehe. :D


buti na lang i red this thread after watching the movie yesterday. haaay! nakakatakot nga.

this movie is nice to watch if ur with ur date. hehehe u know what i mean? hehe ;D


actually what is better (american vs japanese version) would really depend on what you watched first. kasi iba yun feeling kapag nde mo alam mangyayari at biglang gugulatin ka na lang. i watched the hollywood version first and the jap one doesn't seem that scary at all. nde na ako nababading sa last part ehehehe. i have developed b*lls as large as bulls after watching the first one.

but watching either one will scare the hell out of u. mga 2 days ako nde makatulog since my tv directly in front of my bed, around 3 feet away. after nun, back to normal na, nde naman bumubukas tv ko ng biglaan eh hahahah!!!

hollywood version is better on the visuals (scary make-up, special effects, etc.) but in terms of the sound effects, the japanese is better. even though alam ko na ano makikita ko, just by hearing the sound would send a chill down my spine.  ;)
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onga asteeg sounds ng JDM version ng ring.....parang laro sa ps...hehe...kakatakot! it adds to the scare factor...


Hi Guys,

Hindi ko pa napapanood ang movie...  Jap or US, kasi takot ako.  Ayaw akong samahan ng misis ko.   :-\

Anyway, since matagal na ring napalabas yung movie, pwede bang paki-kwento naman ng istorya.  ;D



grabe ang ganda pala ni sadako sa ring 0.......di ko pa napapanood to.....takot ako eh hehehe.......

rent na lang ako ng dvd.....tama si non-vtec dapat may kasama kang ka date para ...........hehehe........ ;D ;D ;D

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