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Started by TriniGuy, May 03, 2018, 10:09:56 AM

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Hello all,

Im fairly new to off roading with my navi . Im from Trinidad where its mostly forested areas and beaches. So far i've only upgraded my tires to some hybrid 285/75/16 's but was wondering what else can i get for it. also where can i get reasonable prices items or if there is a place where i may find persons who might gift stuff. TY  :wave:


Welcome! We're all here in the Philippines, at least most of us. So I doubt someone can help you with finding tires.


Any of the all terrain tires should  handle most of your offroading adventures. BFG has  good AT tires.  I used them in the sand and mud in Baja. If you have the money Dick Cepek or for budget try Cooper.
There are good tire shops in QC assuming Trinidad is in the Philippines lol!!!!


Any Succes with Tires. DA Shipping

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