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Grand Vitara 2.0 A/T

Started by Anthony, March 27, 2003, 05:09:57 PM

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Need your opinion on the Grand Vitara 2.0 A/T.  I was originally planning to buy a 4x4 pick up but the prices are almost the same as the Vitara.  Only its gasoline fed.  But I'm usually in the city and occasionally goes to the countryside.  And I really don't need the extra cargo space that a pick up has.

What do you think about the G.Vitara 2.0L?  The 2.5L price is way too far from my original plan or just 1.1m for the Frontier or the upcoming Isuzu D-Max.

Do you have any idea on the fuel consumption?  Can we install larger tires on it?

The other mini SUV's like the Rav 4 and Forester don't have transfer gears to 4L.

Thanks in advance.


The Grand Vitara  2.0  is a good vehicle on its own merit.  For our roadway system and conditions,  it has enough power to go as fast as you'd probably care to go.  Of course, the 2.5 liter sibling will be more powerful but  you're not missing much.  The 2.0 is also a V6 and as such, is a very smooth and quiet engine.  Economy is not a whole lot better than the 2.5.  I dont know exact figures but  about 8 km/ltr is a safe average consumption.

If the shape also appeals to you, I would recommend getting the original Vitara.  The 1.6 liter motor is just fine and the offroad capabilities are just as good.  Consumption will be better than the 2.0 and the best feature is that it's about 300K cheaper if i'm not mistaken. Any of these engines will certainly accelerate more briskly than your average diesel pickup.  If space is not too big an issue.  You might want to consider this model.
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Hindi ba I-4 yung 2.0L?  Same as used in the Sidekick Sport sa US?
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Mr. Mozart,

Believe likewise that the 2.0Lversion comes in 4 cylinders.


my mistake, I was thinking of the japanese engine that they import here which is also a v6
Everything we do on earth leaves a track....May they be one's we'd


Of all the mini suv's in the market - Suzuki has the more offroad capable vehicles with a part time 4wd system and full frame (not monocoque). The Grand Vitara being their top of the line variand is a good choice, followed by the Vitara, Jimny and Samurai.

I have no fuel consumption data on the vehicle. But if that is a concern opt for the 4 cylinder engine.


Thanks guys for the suggestions.  I think I'll go for the Grand Vitara 2.0.  We already own the 1.6L Vitara and its been with us for 9 years.  My sister drives it and she didn't encounter major problems.

Thanks again.

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