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Which is better to be the first car, Mazda 2 (sedan) or Suzuki Ciaz GL?

Started by krakkenoats, June 23, 2018, 09:50:49 AM

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Hi, I need some inputs regarding to Suzuki Ciaz GL MT and Mazda 2s (sedan) MT. Plano ko bumili next month. (First car)

The things i am considering right now is:
*I will travel long distance (Zambales to Quezon Prov vice versa) (Estimated travel time: 8hrs)
*The fun in driving
*The comfortability of my passenger for long drive.

BTW, I really like Mazda 2 but according to some, the rear passenger seat is quite tight. That is what I'm worried about.


I think mazda 2 is a good choice considering you will be travelling long distances. In case of the rear passenger seat, The only way you can gauge is to visit your local dealer if the sit is comfortable enough :) Are you open to other car brands? I think VW santana is a good entry level considering its cheap price. As I saw one in the mall shows. although its stereo is pretty old school. but overall it has a solid build and comfortable enough for my height (I'm 5'8btw). I guess you cant have it all. honda city is also good.


for fun driving and good legroom for passengers the city is a really good choice sir. Ive been eyeing the mazda 2 as well but rear seating is really a bit cramp but it sure looks really sexy.

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