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Started by maized30, July 10, 2018, 10:09:36 PM

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Need Help Please!!!!!

Earlier I had my car check, my concern was the rear shocks was too soft. the mechanic from SUZUKI said that it looks okay and it doesn't have a leak.. We test drive the car and according to him its still okay. But from the experience you would definitely feel that the shocks are really busted. To his defense he remove the shocks and showed to me that its okay. Imagine you can push the shock to its extent just using one hand that's how soft it is. "To make it simple they just don't want to replace it even if it's still under warranty". I tried calling different auto shops unfortunately they don't have aftermarket shocks that would fit. Please give me any suggestions that I might use as a replacement the thing is even the mechanics nor the sales agent doesn't know any alternatives for it like the one from vios or altis.  TIA!!!!

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